coffee talks مع لينا بسيسو
12 شباط، 2020 الساعة 05:30 م - 12 شباط، 2020 الساعة 08:00 م - إنتهت الفعاليّة

coffee talks مع لينا بسيسو

في كيمستي

  • It’s where we encourage women to connect, share their stories, experiences, burdens and achievements. It’s where women relax; build their capacities, self-confidence and Learn. Coffee talks are every women window to the outside world, where she mingles with other women and gain power and experience, love and empathy. We focus on changing mindsets, building capacities, and Learn by doing, we build self-confidence through Public speaking and we build empathy through good listening. We help them gain harmony between mind, soul, and body. 

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